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Digging in the dirt

I am such a wimp. It has been so long since I’ve tended my garden that my hands are blistered and bruised from digging. Yes, I have a pair of gloves, but I’d rather feel the dirt and the pain than put on the gloves.

I love the textures of the earth, the roots, the smells of the weeds being pulled and the flowers being transplanted, the feel of the leaves and roots being pulled from the ground.

All the earth that is showing was covered with thick grass. I have miles to go, but am enjoying this so much that it just doesn’t matter. I’m planning to line the border with brick so my sweet husband doesn’t accidentally mow my plants.

Besides that tactile enjoyment of digging, God always reveals to me something more amazing about Himself while I spend time with His creation. He also reveals so much about human nature. I can be digging up a very naughty taproot and He will give me a picture of myself rooting deeply where I should not be.

There was a time when we struggled to get grass to grow in our front yard. The last couple years we have been thrilled because we finally got all the bare spots filled in with green luscious grass. I let it grow a bit too much (understatement) and now I am having to pull it out of my flowers. All that grass revealed to me that even a good thing I desire can be a bad when it is not kept within its bounds.

As God speaks to me through the dirt, the weeds, the blisters, I worship Him.

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  1. I may need to invite you up next year. Ron insists that we have a garden. I don’t even know where to begin. Ron grew up on a farm. His mom plants several acres every year… makes all her own pickles, tomato sauces, blanches and freezes corn, green beans, peas and carrots, has potatos.

    Anyway, we only have 1/2 acre and our house occupies some of that, but Ron wants to put a “decent” garden in (as opposed to the year I put in a 4′ x 2′ square foot garden). When he was growing up, the kids helped in the garden, it was how they contributed to the work of the family. With Beverly and David coming next year, Ron wants to continue with the tradition. Not only do I not know what to do to start a garden… I have never in my life canned anything.

    BTW… spiritually I have some stubborn roots too. 🙁

  2. Although I did help care for our huge garden on the farm when I was a kid, I am really a very poor gardener. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be digging all this grass out of my flowers.

    My suggestion with gardening, canning, anything, is do it one step at a time. Plant your small garden and add to it a little each year. Try canning a small batch of one thing and build on that.

    This works for me. If the job is too big before I have it figured out, I get discouraged and the joy is gone.

    It will be great fun to have those little ones helping you in the garden!

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