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For almost two years, my family has been preparing and serving meals each Friday at VERONICA’s Voice. This past Friday was our last day. God had been leading me to reevaluate our service this summer, and once school began for us, the answer was obvious. It was time to stop.

I really have mixed emotions about this decision. I absolutely loved serving those women. God truly gave me a heart for them, to serve and treat them as the precious women they truly are. My kids did too, immensely. But there is such freedom in following God’s lead.

My greatest question for God about giving this up was, who will take our place? Who will love these women like we do? I prayed for help, then a replacement, but neither came except more help from my own family. God’s answer to me was to just let go. He would take care of the details. 

As we served up our last meal on Friday, I received confirmation in several different ways that we were supposed to be there that day, and that it should be our last. I was thankful for that. Upon driving home, van full of dirty dishes, I felt relief wash over me. A burden had been lifted, not the burden of service, but the burden of carrying too great a load.

I think that I was questioning God a bit about what He was asking me to do before Friday, wondering if I was hearing Him correctly. One of the books I picked up at the library about a month ago was Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship With God by Dallas Willard.
 Developing a Conversational Relationship With God  

But, you know what, I was too busy to read much of it. How ironic.

So this next week, with an extra 10 hours added to my week, I plan on reading, pondering, loving, listening, and keeping up with year 3 of The Latin Road to English Grammar. And I plan on thanking God for directing me. His way is always the best, even when we don’t have the whole picture.

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  1. Amanda, I am so glad you are following God as he leads you into a different season of your life. May you be warm, insulated in God’s loving plan for your life while you rest, heal and pray. Pruning is sometimes hard. I have said before that pruning doesn’t just involve cutting away those things that are dead or dying… a true prune is when something wonderful is cut away so that all your energy can be directed in one direction. May that direction be made clear.

    Enjoy your reading! I don’t think I will be able to read until David is 12. 🙁

  2. OH dear one, as I catch up with all of your writings I see we are kinda in the same place! and OH the struggle with BALANCE! I struggle so, because I wanna serve EVERYBODY! and I can’t. So now I wanna crochet for every.single.person. I’ve ever met~online or IRL! LOL! Will I ever get there? (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    I can relate to that. I just want to help and give. No wonder I appreciate you so much. 🙂

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