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Deadlines + 8x

Trying to stay on top of things, trying to meet all my goals, I’m finding some just have to slide. I’ve set too many deadlines. Since they are self-made, setting priorities and adjusting as I go are possible. Phew! I’m learning to apply the wisdom shared by a friend of mine. He learned the “8x” and “living in the moment” rules in a book, Deep Survival. Things often take 8x longer than we anticipate or expect. If we stay flexible and adjust, then we are able to “survive” (in my case, not get overwhelmed). And if we live in the moment rather than trying to force our lives into what we expected, or planned, then we can maintain the level of consciousness needed to creatively problem solve, rather than freezing up and shutting down.

My latest submission deadline for the 2011 River Market Regional Exhibition was this past Friday. When I was hit with a sore throat earlier in the week, I just quietly accepted that I would not be able to meet the Friday deadline, laid on the couch and watched old episodes of Glee. That evening of rest must have been just what I needed, because the next day with the help of my friend Ibuprofen, I was able to complete the submissions.

My first is very similar to another smaller piece made earlier this year, an addition to my Public School series in larger scale:
public school series #5

The next was also a larger scale mirror to an experimental piece from Artfest this year playing with shellac on encaustic:

But my favorite was inspired by a photograph of my great grandmother and her sister-in-law wandering the shoreline in old-time bathing suits and caps. This thick encaustic piece has a dark underlayer. I carved away the creamy white to reveal the dark swimsuits. Then also carved the rest of the bodies and added sepia oil stick. Since this was totally experimental, I was overjoyed that it actually worked how I envisioned:
Edith & Emma

The River Market Regional Exhibition is a juried show. I’ll find out June 2 if any of my entries were accepted. I had such an exciting, fulfilling day completing these that acceptance to the exhibit would just be icing on a very delicious cake.

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  1. deadlines x8 – that is something to remember! No matter how hard I try to estimate my time I am always a bit off. Glad to hear the rest helped you make your deadline. The swimsuit artwork turned out lovely and very expressionistic – is that a word?! haha

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