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Day Under Fire

Tonight was the premier of the National Geographic War Is Hell series. The first  show featured the Vietnam War: Day Under Fire. Although I loved the show because my husband’s video footage was featured, I also thought the show was well put together. It told a story about individuals. Several survivors were featured on the show. Those men told the story of the battle, of the people they fought beside and against. My heart grieved for all involved. I highly recommend this series.

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  1. Amanda, Is this a series that would be educational or is it for adult eyes only? My Dad was a Vietnem vet it was so life altering for him. Blessings to you today as you care for your family. Love, Tami

    I think this is a great educational series, but it addresses issues of war which are difficult to fathom, especially for a thoughtful, younger audience. As with all things, view it first to see if you would want your children watching it.

  2. Amanda, I am just catching up with reading your blog. I am glad you are feeling better!

    We don’t have cable. When we lived in Washington, we could pick up the local stations. Now, we don’t get any television. Our television is used as a DVD player… the only thing I miss is the History Channel and HGTV. I will have to see if this comes out later as a DVD set.

    And ironically, we don’t get the National Geographic channel either. We’ll also have to find other ways to watch it. Last night, the director and some of the crew that live in our city got together to view the premier, otherwise we would have missed it!

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