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Creative vibe

That’s what was going on here yesterday, one good creative vibe.
In this class, Intro to Soldering, we touch on micro-collage. Each pendant and ring tells a story about the creator. My favorite part is getting to know more of the students own stories by their art. Some students come with a plan, others are prompted by the images and words found in the vintage papers and books.
Intro to Soldering class 001Intro to Soldering class 002Intro to Soldering class 004Intro to Soldering class 005Intro to Soldering class 006Intro to Soldering class 013Intro to Soldering class 015Intro to Soldering class 016Intro to Soldering class 017Intro to Soldering class 018Intro to Soldering class 019Intro to Soldering class 022Intro to Soldering class 023Intro to Soldering class 025Intro to Soldering class 026Intro to Soldering class 028Intro to Soldering class 029Intro to Soldering class 030
If you were creating a pendant, what story would it tell? What do you love? Of what experiences or feelings does your inner self need reminded? What brings you joy?

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  1. If I were creating a pendant, mine would say, “I want to take this class and learn how to make a pendant, and have fun with Amanda.” That is what would bring me joy. <3 <3 <3

  2. The class was a blast! I left before I got to see all the finished pieces…WOW! What awesome work, and the “stories” of each piece are fantastic! I hope to see each of you in future classes – you all were so much fun! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, everyone and THANKS, AMANDA!!!!!

  3. LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! I wanna take your class, too! I still have a babe at the breast in mind, but I’m getting older! My babe will wean in another six months~will we have another? I hope so… What will define me afterwards? Still love my dulcimer, but I don’t play nearly as much. Still love crochet but am currently burned out. I think I’m at an in-between place! Except scripture. That ALWAYS applies!

    I appreciate this Q~it’s really got me thinking along the lines that have been on my heart yesterday. What will define me when I’m no longer nursing? Or rather, how will I define myself?

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