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Computer backup questions for you all

My computer is in the shop. Sigh. We don’t know how it happened, but it was infested with some bug. I have the computer protected. Even so…

At this time my whole family is sharing my husband’s computer. But I am actually glad about that. We do have a good working computer right now.

The scary part for me is that I did not have a hard copy of my backup files from the past 2-3 weeks and have my husband’s business accounting, all our homeschool records and planning, recent photos, etc. on there. Since the time frame isn’t too long, if I do loose data, I’m sure I can rebuild except for the photos.

My questions for you all is:

  • Do you have a backup system in place?
  • Do you do this yourself or off-site?
  • Can you please share any experiences or referals that you think might help me out in the future?

Thanks so much everyone.

Even more than keeping me from blogging, sharing the computer does not allow me time to read your blogs. I miss you all so much. 🙂

amanda ∞

7 Comments on “Computer backup questions for you all”

  1. Amanda, My husband backs up our computers every couple of weeks on an external hard drive. If one of our computers went down, we would have to recreate data for the last couple of weeks too.

    We have two computers in the house and only one external hard drive. It has to be plugged in and connected to a USB port. It is a pain only because… the plug is near the floor behind the computer desk. The USB port is on the back of the computer. It takes a bit of crawling around to get it done. But, we could fix that all by purchasing another external hard drive and connecting it more permanently to each computer.

    I suspect our files would get backed up more frequently that way.

  2. Amanda. I agree with the external USB hard drive solution. Spend the extra money and get an Iomega or Lacie. For double backups, get 2 small 80 gb drives, or get one big drive. The portable ones are great. I just checked, and they have a 500 gb Iomega drive for $83!

  3. Amanda,
    I have an free external drive just for you if you don’t want to go out and buy one. How big is your current hdd? You will want an external that is at least as big as what you currently have. If you want to do rotating backups, you need one twice as big.

    You can also get a NAS (Network Accessible Storage) drive that would hook to your router and you could backup both computers to the same device.

  4. ditto the external hard drive–they’re great.

    The other plus–you can free up uncluttered space on your hard drive–lets programs run better…

  5. We also use an external drive. We’re set up to do everything wirelessly with a secure network that Hubby set up for us. I need to take a cue from you & remember to do backups more frequently. I’m currently using it mostly as a storage device for my ga-jillions of pics.
    I hope your files are retrieved successfully!

  6. Thanks so much for all the advice. I still don’t have my computer, but we will be setting up an external hard drive.

  7. I hope you took that freebe offered you, if not send it my way! I need one. 😉
    I need to do this too. I think if you put photos on a site like Kodak your photos are safe there. (Or Picasa Albums, etc.)
    Mine are on Picasa. I also download my photos on to CDs for safe keeping.

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