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Coffee Addiction

Mmm, that first morning cuppa joe. Then the second. Third? Fourth?Okay, I am so addicted to coffee. I’ve been trying to consume a limited supply, but it is so delightfully good. Can you relate?

I am such a coffee snob. I like freshly ground, darkly roasted, good coffee. If it is not these, I will only drink the nasty black elixir in desperate straits (like I stayed up too late blogging & need caffeine to keep myself awake at church. And why is it as a general rule that church coffee is always bad?).

As with so many things, I need to find balance in my coffee drinking. I’ve been trying to hold off on the afternoon cup and instead pull weeds in my yard, but I’ve found weed pulling is even nicer with a fresh cup of brew.

If I were only so passionate about reading God’s Word! I do read daily because I see the impact not reading has. When I do not read the Bible, my day is not so smooth. I am testier & not so patient. The reason for our chosen lifestyle gets fuzzy.

I’ve learned from experience that life is more peaceful and purposeful with a dose of God’s Word each day, but why am I not all consumed by God’s Word? Why am I less excited about reading than I am about my cup of coffee? Why do I have to fight my impulses to drink more in the afternoon, but don’t even think about picking up the Bible again?

I love reading the Bible. I am always amazed how God speaks to me through His Word. Why then am I not addicted? Does my flesh speak so much louder than my spirit that I hear the cries for more java, but not for more spiritual nourishment?

My prayer is that God gives me a passionate heart for His Word, and that, if it is possible, my coffee addiction would be used to glorify My Lord. To God be the glory in all things.

And then we could discuss the topic of blog addiction…

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