Cleansing flow

I’ve been a little stuck since my illness,¬†artistically¬†speaking. Or maybe not stuck, but just not drawn to my studio. Without my notice, piles of wonderful creative ideas and projects had formed on the open spaces, piles with purpose. You see, I am a piler by nature. I like to put things where they go, or pile them until they get put there. If I have to create a space or rearrange, piles form waiting for the new space.

The other type of person is a stuffer. Instead of creating piles, the same things are stuffed into drawers and cubbies, tucked away from sight.

So which type are you?

gratitude journal

The same thing has been happening in the basement, piles and collections of treasures or papers that need a home. Today I had an overwhelming urge to purge the basement. So I jumped in and purged a large are in which the collections of clutter were driving me particularly crazy.

Next was inevitably my studio. The piles that had collected have been dispersed or discarded and the space feels so fresh and inviting.

Gratitude Journal

Perhaps something fresh can form here now.


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