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Clean Windows

Yes, I have them, clean sparkly windows, and I used no window cleaner and no ladder. “How is this possible?” you gasp. Well, I found a nifty product made by Casabella, the Outdoor Microfiber Extendable Window Washer.

Outdoor Microfiber Extendable Window Washer

Isn’t it beautiful? The pole extends so I don’t have to stand on a ladder to reach the top of my windows from the outside. After wetted with plain ol’ water, the microfiber cleaner head pulls the dirt off the window, grabs it, and keeps it locked in the wonderful little microfibers. Then the squeegee pulls the water off leaving the windows squeeky clean. And when that pole is a bit cumbersome, simply screw off the microfiber/squeegee head for a handheld model.

The microfibers easily rinse clean with plain ol’ water after getting quite filthy. The only tricky thing was figuring out what order to wash the windows. By trial and error, I learned what pane to wash first so I wouldn’t drip or run on another pane. This may seem quite simple, but it really depends on how your windows open and function.               Okay, I just wasn’t thinking.

A bonus trick I learned, just rub the screen with the microfiber head and it comes clean in a jiffy too!

My extremely hunky husband will be home late tonight. Won’t he be shocked tomorrow when the windows are clean for the second time in 5 years. With this handy tool, the time in between cleanings will never be that long again.

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  1. That is a handy tool. But, if window washing is so easy, what in the world will I have to whine about?

    I’ve never had a lack of things to whine about. After cleaning the windows I realized how horribly dusty my blinds are. Fear not, surely you will have something else too.

  2. Your page about the boy makes me smile. My boy and I will be spending time with the boy and his dad this weekend so I’m not expecting to get more than two or three hours’ sleep. I’m no longer fond of camping although it has it’s moments. I enjoy watching the soft glow of the coals in a declining campfire. Even though I know that sticking things into a fire is irresistible for boys, I hear myself saying, “Be careful.”

    Dearest Mr. Smith,
    I am hoping that this cautious side of you will keep my son and husband from starting their hair on fire. I will be praying that you all sleep soundly and snore minimally. 🙂
    Your friend,

  3. Very cool! I haven’t washed some of our windows, the top ones, in 4 years. Gasp. 🙂 DId you get this at a store or order it online?

    I did order this online; haven’t found it in a store yet. My first window took some time and had a few streaks. With each one I cleaned, the faster and better they looked. And I’ve only washed one top window so far. They are soooo dirty.

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