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Clean = Inviting

Inviting and refreshing, that is how the art studio feels when it is clean. As we wrap up the school year, I have had very little free time to express myself creatively. To hinder me further, piles were accumulating and swallowing up my work spaces. Today I tackled the studio and won the match. Creativity reigns once again.

After putting away the clutter, I was able to finish a page in an art journal and continue on a couple other projects that were buried in the rubble earlier. I feel invigorated, recharged.

Tonight I think I’ll curl up with this book by Kelly Rae Roberts,

Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts

Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts

my journal, and a cup of tea and allow swirling thoughts to settle in my brain.

amanda ∞

11 Comments on “Clean = Inviting”

  1. Your studio is a thin place… a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and yo can connect to God.

    I am trying to create that in my whole home, but I have decided to start in the kitchen and dining room.

  2. What a great space! You’re inspiring me to get to work cleaning my studio–I want to do laminate flooring in there, but first I have to empty it out…

  3. It is nice to have that space. Before I was sharing the dining room table with school and meals. Needless to say, I’m much more productive now, when it’s clean that is.


  4. Mine was very necessary. I just wasn’t able to accomplish anything because of the clutter. There is usually some piece of a project in the works, but that is so different than piles of procrastination. Laminating the floor! You’ll have to take before and after shots if you do that. What a project!


  5. There is nothing like a clean space to work in–especially, if you are like me, ignoring the piles until they can be dealt with! Ah–I am about to go berserk and clean my own space–you’v e inspired me!

  6. your studio look like HOME a true nest so warm and conforting love it! and you’ve got the drawers I’m looking for my own studio… it’s a place where one feels good, one senses a true creativity in there, GREAT best

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