Expanding Your Vision with Oil and Cold Wax

Guest Instructor: Lisa Pressman
Date: 4- days, April 4-7, 2019
Time: 9:30-4:30pm
Location: Studio Joy, 608 E 30th St, Kansas City MO
Cost: $700
Supply Fee: $30 (due at workshop)
Level: intermediate and advanced
Maximum: 15 students 

The focus of this workshop will be on expanding your personal vocabulary and vision while revisiting the painting process using oil paint and cold wax. R&F pigment sticks, graphite, ink, pastels will be introduced to create expressive, richly surfaced paintings. Demonstrations include layering, excavating, monoprinting, glazing, color mixing along with texture, mark making, and editing. Lisa focuses on each artist and helps students with their own artistic direction. We will discuss  content, how to see, and moving the work forward. Activities will include exercises, informal group discussion, individual support, power points and more. Some art background helpful.

Student Supply List:

  • 20pcs. 9×12 for painting exercise ARCHES oil paper, comes in 9×12 pads.
    Taped with painters tape with one inch border around and then in half. See photos below. (trick: lay tape on your jeans to remove some of the stickiness so when you pull it up it won’t pull the paper)
  • Supports: 5-8 Ampersand EncausticBord, Ampersand Gessobord, or birch panels prepared for oil: gessoed. No Ampersand value boards. Instructor recommends the panels be the same size. Arches oil paper is excellent and an easy solution if traveling. All boards/paper should be  the same size, preferably square and no larger than 20 x 20.
  • Oil Paint: large tube of Titanium white plus a variety of colors, choose  colors that you like to paint with. I like Gamblin, Williamsburg paints. Small tubes are fine. Look for combination of transparent and opaque choices.
  • 16 oz GAMBLIN cold wax medium
  • several brushes (cheap are fine) for oil paint, various sizes

  • a couple palette knives, scrapers, silicone bowl scraper
  • SEVERAL soft rubber brayers  speedball 4 inch, 6 inch or Inovert
  • paper palette 12″ x 16″
  • cheap sponge paint rollers (from the dollar store or Michaels)
  • drawing materials- one large graphite stick, 1 eraser
  • rags or paper towels
  • blue painters tape
  • wax paper for layering between wet panels
  • cardboard (pizza boxes) for transporting wet work home
  • unscented baby wipes, quick clean up
  • disposable gloves
  • newsprint
  • cheap tissue paper

Optional Supplies:

  • India ink
  • various mark making tools (printmaking, sculpture, ceramic, dental, culinary)
  • apron
  • any specific stencils that you may want to use (we will have some stencils to choose from)

Remaining supplies will be provided.

: 12:30-1:30 each day
Fabulous restaurants are within walking distance, or a short drive or bring a sack lunch. Refrigerator available.

About Lisa:

Lisa Pressman began her studies in ceramics, sculpture and painting at Douglass College, NJ, where she received a Bachelor of Art. She continued her studies at Bard College and completed an MFA in painting.

Her  paintings incorporate oils, collage, wax and other mixed media to create works that allude to a personalized time  and space. The work is the physical embodiment of the slow and gradual process of realization and transformation. She creates paintings that draw from the place of “not knowing” and exploration. Her work reveals images that many people have lost sight of, images that communicate to a place deeper than words. The paintings invite a deep, visceral response that evolves over time; they have a life of their own.


Lisa Pressman, American abstract painter, was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1958. She earned her BA in Art from Douglass College, Rutgers University and her MFA from Bard College. Her work focuses on a visual synthesis of stored and personal memory.

Lisa’s paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the USA and internationally including The Hunderton Art Museum, Clinton, NJ, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR, Susan Eley Fine Arts, NY, NY, Causey Contemporary, NY, NY, The Curator Gallery, NY, NY, Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery, College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, NJ, Pallazo Dell’Annunziata, Matera, Italy and R&F Gallery, Kingston, NY.

Lisa is a core instructor for R&F Handmade Paints in Kingston, NY and a workshop instructor for Gamblin Artists Colors. She is an annual presenter and instructor at the International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA and teaches workshops in both encaustic and oil and cold wax mediums throughout the U.S.

Student Cancellation Policy:

Students will receive a full refund of tuition less any transaction fees incurred if a request to withdraw is received by Amanda Jolley, Studio Joy no later than 7 days prior to the first day of the workshop. Request to withdraw from a course less than 7 days prior to the first class session will not be eligible for refunds.