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Classes Posted!

Do you live in the KC Metro area? Sign up for Introduction to Soldering: Making Jewelry in either January or February! This class is so fun, and the class fee covers all supplies. My favorite part is seeing each person’s individual style reflected in her jewelry at the end of class.

Some beautiful creations from past classes:

Did you notice the new “Classes” tab at the top of the page? The journaling class will be posted very soon with a class date in late January or early February.

This past month has been a whirlwind, but December always is for our family. We travel to visit family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus my daughter has a birthday right in between. This year she turned “sweet sixteen” and celebrated by hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner. Everyone stayed in character all evening! What a blast.

This week I hit the RESET button in hopes to get back to my ?regular? schedule, whatever that turns out to be. I’ve been busy restocking the pantry, planning and actually cooking meals (my son had pretty much taken over the kitchen), cleaning the house, and catching up on my accounting duties for THE HUNKY MAN‘s business.

But…I find myself having a hard time diving back into creativity. I think it is the desire to have my house in order that keeps me from allowing play time, and the house is not quite there, oh so close. Stopping and starting is so hard for me. I would prefer it just flow on continually. But the breaks I do have, forced or chosen, always return me to that place of inspiration with a flurry of activity.

Here’s what I would really love to do in January, but I will be content with the inspiration derived from my very fun Christmas gift, the Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile Printer.

My husband, the professional videographer, had a difficult time buying this gift for me. Not quite the quality photographs he prefers, but oh, the fun!

And now, back to work. So close to play time! But first I must get school organized so we can start again on Monday.

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