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Circle Journal Love

It all began one late summer night in the year 2009, a band of Artfest enthusiasts joined forces to create a circle. Thanks to the prompting of Alexandra Castro Ferreira, each friend in the circle began an art journal with a theme. We have then passed our journals around in a route so that each journal would contain the art of the others.

My addition to Emily‘s journal, big girl’s coloring book:
big girl's coloring book circle journal

The circle almost complete, the journals are finding their way home. Mine made it back to me full of beauty. The theme I chose was Symbols-Personal Imagery with the intent of getting a glimpse of each artist’s own personal style and patterns.
amanda's cover

Alexandra Castro Ferreira:
Sisters page 1 by Alexandra Castro FerreiraSisters page 2 by Alexandra Castro Ferreira

Amy Rehnae Giles:
Dream by Amy Rehnae Giles

Emily Ruth Gulka:
Words by Emily Ruth Gulka

Nikki Gamon:
Repetition by Nikki Gamon

Andria Robb:
Wings by Andria Robb

Jill Sibbald:
Adornments by Jill Sibbald

Michelle Geller:
Nature by Michelle Geller

Stephanie Thiel:
Dream by Stephanie Thiel

Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja:
Goddess by Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja

Amanda Jolley:
Trees by Amanda Jolley

I love how the pages reflect the personalities of the artists. What a treasure.

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  1. Amanda, i love your blog, your art and the circle journal pages! It was great meeting you in Judy’s class! The whole workshop was so amazing, I am still so inspired! roxanne

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