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Chaos and bravery

My desk drawer broke. I found this handsome man looking for a solution.


He found one! But I have to wait a whole day for the wood glue to dry.

Fixed drawer

So I have one more day before I have to clean up this mess. Really most of the mess on my desk goes elsewhere, but with stuff scattered on my floor, maneuvering is a challenge. Yes, that’s an excuse.


I’ve been admiring so many beautiful paintings lately. Jul at Flogging the Muse uses such rich color. Love it! And I am ever an admirer of Leah’s paintings. I see a story in each one. They inspire me to bravery. You see, I’ve never taken a formal drawing or painting class. Most of my art is collage and color. But I do want to learn.

My brave painting today was done quickly. I did not want to dwell on the details, but to just paint without judging my own work. Maybe I should have closed my eyes.

The beginning of a brave act

Although she is rough, I am rather fond of her because she represents a step forward. I don’t want to allow what I lack to keep me from gaining what I desire. I can’t gain experience unless I’m willing go in to uncharted territory.


Art Every Day Month – Day 13: Bravery

To better my skills, I’ve decided to take one of Sharon Tomlinson’s online workshops. I’m wavering between Faces in Technicolor and Faces: All Norah’s. Anyone with experiential advice? Anyone want to step into bravery with me?

amanda ∞

2 Comments on “Chaos and bravery”

  1. My desk looks a lot like yours, and I don’t even have a broken drawer to blame!

    Good luck with your step into bravery.

  2. Oh, she’s lovely. I’m with you; I’ve never really had a formal art class, but I wish I couuld draw and paint. I guess I just need to dive in and try it. Could you lend me some of your bravery, please? 🙂

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