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Changing directions

For the past month, I have been struggling with feeling overwhelmed. This is not a new struggle in my life, but one in which I am learning how to take action and resolve. Typically I feel this way because I have taken on too much, or am doing things that God did not plan for me to do. When this feeling weighs down on me, I pray fervently for direction from God.

I journal on a regular basis. By looking back over the pages, what has eluded my brain suddenly became clear. God has been speaking to me this whole time. I just was not listening very well, or perhaps I didn’t really want to hear. He wants me to give up some leadership roles, and live in reliance on His direction alone.

For the past couple of years, I have been leader of our homeschool group. I was not called by God into this role. It just seemed to happen, and I let it. For the past 3 year, I have been director of our homeschool group’s Keepers of the Faith coop. I did feel lead by God to start this, but it is time for someone else to step forward as director. Both of these things must go. No one has stepped forward to fill the leadership positions with either group yet. God has made it clear to me that if He wants these groups to continue, He will call someone forward. I do not need to keep going until someone volunteers.

And the exciting part is what God wants me to do, pursue Him passionately. I’ve seen it in my written prayers, my husband told me this when I sought his counsel, I feel so led and drawn to God. He wants me to rest, to sit quietly with Him. He desires to speak to me.

In working terms, God wants me to exercise, dig in the dirt, blog, paint, be a more passionately involved teacher, serve at VERONICA’s Voice, dig into His Word more deeply, and listen. This all sounds wonderfully refreshing to me!

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  1. Blogging has been journaling for me. Something like a diary ~ only open for total strangers to read… it is why I worked to put my life all together onto one site.

    It is encouraging to see other women pull away from the program driven lifestyle and seek God first. Blessings to you ~

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