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Change is good

A strange phenomenon is happening with our Keepers of the Faith club. This year I am no longer leader and the group is smaller, but those involved are participating fully. Last year, I strongly felt God’s prompting to step down from leading the group. No one had offered to take my place, but I truly felt compelled to step down and let it go. God reassured me that if the group fell apart that was fine, and if another leader stepped forward, it would be one of His choosing. Now I get to see God’s hand stirring up this group.

Keepers of the Faith is a club for boys and girls. It is similar to scouts in that the kids learn skills and earn badges. The difference being that Christ is in the center of each lesson. I started a group with our homeschool group 3 years ago because both the kids and I were desiring more fellowship with our peers. Keepers of the Faith allowed us to develop relationships with others while doing something constructive and fun.

We had our first meeting of the school year this past Thursday. I did not organize it or plan it. Another mom did. She didn’t want to be called leader, but I think she now sees herself stepping into that role. We had an organizational meeting while the kids worked on a watercolor project. Each adult there stepped up and took some responsibility. My, how wonderfully refreshing that was.

I have no problem accepting that I am not a good leader. I don’t designate responsibility well. My feeble attempts at trying to get the other adults involved over the past 3 years failed. Most of the other adults became more detached, just sort of “hanging out” at the meetings rather than being involved with the group. I would “suggest” a need in an email to the group, and when no one responded, I took on the responsibility myself. After 3 years of this, I was extremely burnt out.

Now that each person is taking on some responsibility, there is synergy. The other members are taking ownership of the group. I forsee a fruitful year for our club, not only in the skills the kids will learn, and the friendships that will be formed, but also in the blossoming of prospective leaders that before had no reason to exercise their gifts. I am once again excited about being a part of this group. What a great feeling!

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  1. [when no one responded, I took on the responsibility myself]

    When I was a young Army officer, I was given the responsibility of making a schedule. When there was a hole in the schedule, I posted it on the BR wall and asked volunteers to pick up a shift. Technically as a GI or a Government Issue, I could have put anyone in that hole and they would have had to show up. However, I felt I should give people some control over their life. A happy worker… makes for a better work environment.

    When no one stepped up to the plate, I rearranged my schedule so that I could do the shift. I often worked three different shifts in a week. I worked most weekends and holidays too. I cut my vacations short…

    I cannot tell you how glad I was when the manager recognized this pattern and gave the scheduling job to someone else (even if he kind of slapped my hands for being a poor leader in the process).

    Hmm. Perhaps this is an INFP trait.

  2. As far as leadership is concerned, try reading “The Call of the Wild”. The law of fang and club!
    your husband toiling in Dallas…
    the book is great, by the way, I cheered and cried while listening to the book on tape, I highly recommend it.

    Hey dawlin’, your daughter read The Call of the Wild a couple years ago. She agrees it is an excellent book. I’ll have to read it next.
    your wife toiling at home

  3. I have to say I enjoy reading the comments as much as the posts. lol

    We were looking at Keepers a couple of years ago. The meeting locations of the only 2 groups I knew of weren’t convenient for us at the time. Now that we’ve moved, we are closer to one of them, and I should really check if they are still meeting. We even have the pink book and my daughter got a shirt. But I wasn’t brave enough to start one.

    Glad you could enjoy the group again.

    I’ve sure enjoyed the club. My favorite part is the fellowship.

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