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Castle Rock

Many people believe that a drive through Kansas on I-70 is the most boring drive in our United States. Little do they know what is just off the highway.

That’s my daughter up there. I’m not real sure how she got there, nor do I want to know. These limestone bluffs are quite crumbly. Not the most stable rock climb.  

Many of the structures are carved with names and dates. This wall can no longer be reached. The shelf below has given way, but the dates remain. The oldest one I could spot here was 1926.

My girl is on top of this one as well. She stood up, but I’m glad I missed that. Makes me a little nervous.

This field trip was a great sedimentary rock study. Nothing better than hands on learning.

Besides that, the place is a hideaway of beauty. I was able to climb into a nook and just sit. The wind sung all around me. The quiet allowed my mind to roam. It was lovely.

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  1. Amanda, So beautiful. I feel so close to God when I see and experience His creation in such a natural form. Have a blessed week my friend. Love, Tami

  2. Cool, we live in Kansas City, so we need to visit this place…
    Thanks for sharing.

    This is about 5 hours west of Kansas City, a very long haul for a field trip, but Sternberg Museum is out that way too which I also highly recommend.

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