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I had a rough September. My husband was gone much of the month working out of state. I lost the desire to write, to paint, to breath. Life became waiting. We were waiting for him to be home.As always, God is very faithful and loving. Although I would sometimes feel very alone, I knew that He was with me, holding me, sustaining me, and teaching me.

So what did I learn through this struggle with loneliness and this fight not to give in to depression? I learned that I do not care enough for those around me. I am not sensitive to others’ struggles. I remain ignorant or uninvolved because it is easier for me. And I think that most of us are this way.

God has given me a new vision, a new and fresh compassion. I hurt. I hurt so badly and deeply. I am healing now and am painting again and obviously writing. But I know that someone I know is hurting right now. I can choose to ignore this and go on with my busy life, or I can stop and make a phone call right now to tell my hurting friend that she has someone loving and thinking of her now. God is holding her up as well.

God gave us each other to lift one another up. Let us do so.

And thank you, Ai Boon, for checking on me. I love you.

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