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The trees speak to me on this rainy day. They have known the secrets from their birth. They have understood the mysteries from  their youth. They endure the seasons. They stand.

I am just learning to live, to run the race. I am learning to breathe, to pace myself. One who has not trained cannot keep a runner’s pace until the end.

My son desires to play, to experience, to do things with me. My daughter wants to paint by my side. My husband desires my availability. I must be dormant so my family can bloom.

God has me serving PROCESSED FOOD (aack) for lunch on Fridays at VERONICA’s Voice. While the food is not ideal, I am still able to serve and attend to my family. It is a win, win situation. Now I am praying for more people to come forward with a desire to bring food and serve. God will provide.

I was questioning my place serving at VERONICA’s Voice. As I prayed this through, I found that my passion was not misplaced or misguided. I was obedient. Sometimes the lesson to be learned is not the obvious.

God taught me to love without judgement, to stay vulnerable yet guarded, to give totally, to pray without ceasing. He also taught me that the treasure is right before me eyes. A moment, an opportunity should never be wasted. And my heart should always be first towards my family.

Like the trees, He has taught me to breathe.

amanda ∞

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  1. Kudos to you for actually taking the time to seek God’s face and be willing to hear His voice in the not so obvious ways is a blessing and a lesson better learned earlier than later. 😀

  2. Amanda,

    I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I have been contemplating balance in my life… Finding Balance ~ is something you keep bringing me back to.

    I appreciate that part of balance is accepting a Mary standard. Martha might have served fresh unprocessed food, but Mary… she chooses the better thing.

    God desires balance for us, doesn’t He? And He does keep bringing that picture of Mary at Jesus’ feet to mind. It’s a beautiful picture, one I was so far from at one time (extreme Martha syndrom).
    You’ll have to blog about the balance you are contemplating. I find repeatedly that once I write out the balance I desire, it comes. I love to read your ever thought provoking blog. =)

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