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Botanica Exotica

The last class I took at Artfest was Botanica Exotica taught by Melissa Manley. We formed botanical shapes from wire and added sausage casing. Having had little experience working with wire, I found forming the shapes to be the challenge. Also the lack of sleep from several days of Artfest infusion was affecting my ability to let my intuitive creativity flow. I was having a serious mental block and couldn’t remember what a flower looked like! To top that off, I found myself comparing my work to the others in the class. I caught myself soon enough, but really struggled with it the whole class.

Despite these challenges, I found myself truly enjoying working the SAUSAGE CASING and plan on experimenting more with it this summer. The casing was soaked in water. To apply it to the form, it either needed to be split open to wrap around the form, or slid over the form in its natural tubular shape. The casing adheres to itself when wet, so no adhesive was needed. While wet, it looked like a lumpy white mess, but when dried it had the appearance of aged translucent parchment. I used a type of wire that I knew would rust. I loved how the rust added to the ancient look of the pieces.

My dad’s birthday is this week. He is such a creative, earthy person, I thought this would be the perfect gift for him. Actually, he is the one I would like to work with this summer on some new projects. I hope we have the opportunity.

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  1. I knew it would turn out ok. love it. artfest is very challenging I had the same fears with misty class. It was quite difficult for me and I blocked (whimsy remember…..)but love it at the same time and come back home with new techniques. thanks for sharing you are such an authentic person. xo

  2. Oh yes, I remember whimsy. Had you not told me that before this class, I wouldn’t have found the humor in my “whimsical” flowers. 🙂
    I miss you!

  3. Okay, Amanda, that’s very cool. When I heard people talking about this class later, I thought it sounded disgusting, but the final project is amazing! Very nice work, my friend.

  4. Amanda, I love the way these turned out! I had a silver dollar plant growing in the yard of a house I used to own and I loved the look of that plant. This artwork reminds me of them.

  5. oh AMANDA!! they are AMAZING!! I just love your flowers… i would have done the same thing, compare my work to everyone else.
    i would have loved learning how to make all that… i have only done a few things with wire… small scale.
    oh i hope your making more and putting them in your shop, you will do really well with them!

  6. Wow! Your work is excellent! No need to compare to anyone else you are tops! Tired or not I see beauty and success here big time.

  7. It was amazingly easy and extremely fun. I may have to invest in a class on wire work just to learn how to manipulate the wire in a more attractive way.


  8. Thanks for the encouragement, Lynn. I’m glad I had fun while doing it or the class would have been such a downer due to my attitude.


  9. Very lovely. You are such a creative artist. Carry on making such beautiful things to brighten the world. Take care and write when free.

    Ai Boon

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