Blessed mess

I was on a roll with art every day, but whirlwind December arrived. Although I have a deadline for a fun Christmas project, my studio has been in disarray.
Construction mess
All for good reason. The looming rack of clothes against one wall of my studio (which I always leave out of studio pictures) is now a thing of the past. My father-in-law brought his amazing skills to my studio and opened up the 100 year old closet to make it accessible. Now our clothing rack fits in the closet behind closed doors and the studio is more open and inviting.
Reinvented space
My studio is also our dressing room. Doing double-duty, it has been cram-packed with some very cool vintage items and all of our wardrobe. The original closet design is typical of its time. The closet door opens to a deep space that goes sideways. To access items in the far side of the closet on a regular basis is near impossible. We had been using the space to store those awesome hand-me-downs which make for great costume fodder. By opening up the space and inserting our daily wear, we had to purge many items that held sentimental, but no functional value. Due to the dungeon of a basement that this house sits upon, we are not able to store clothes down there. They absorb the dungeon odor forever. So we just let go.

And it felt really good. And it was easier than I thought it would be.

The less attached I am to physical items here on earth, the more free I become.

One item we thought would be hard to let go was my wedding dress, but I found such comfort in the thought that someone that cannot afford a dress will be receiving such a gift by my release of sentiment.

Besides 80’s retro is really in right now.

Now to get started on that Christmas project.

amanda ∞

2 thoughts on “Blessed mess

  1. Scott Jolley says:

    Maybe you can put that dress on one more time for fun, you look pretty hot! And the basement does not have a “dungeon” smell”, it is more of a “crypt in springtime” aroma.

  2. alex castro ferreira says:

    you look georgeous wonderful dress love the 80 look and to give it away that is truly generosity for a kind a profound soul. wouah!!! keep on posting as you truly inspired me with your authenticity. xo dear friend

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