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The latest Salt challenge is the theme, Believe. The text is John 9 about a blind man whose sight was restored. His response, “Lord, I believe.”

This page is also a reflection of my own experience. When I was blind, my world was colorless, dark, lifeless. Now I feel the blood flowing, and although I can see, sometimes my perception is a bit off, a spiritual astigmatism perhaps. I am in a process, a transformation, but I truly believe.

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  1. Don’t ya wish the process happened a little faster? I always feel like 2 steps foward 1 back. On your last post you implied that the ham is all gone, I’m sure that cannot be true, for I have not had any.
    Oooh, love to love ya baby.

    Ah, but darling, we left a morsel of ham just for you. Hurry home.

  2. ok so amazing grace is one of my favorite gospel songs… my youngest likes when i hum that song to him at nap time and bedtime….
    “i once was blind and now i see”
    as for being in a process and transformation… that is why i’m painting trees lately.. i feel like i’m still growing everyday in my faith and these two painting ive done are entitled reaching and reaching higher because i’m excited about learning more… God wants to show us so much…
    YOU SHOULD PAINT A TREE! i can help if you want me to…. 🙂

    I’ve been reading the art of personal imagery (thank you for introducing me) and have just realized this past week that trees are a symbol of my spiritual growth. I always draws self portraits and next to trees and had just never thought about it before. I think painting a tree is a great idea and will take any tips you can give me. I love your trees; the trunks, the roots, the branches.

  3. oh i also wanted to say that i love your blogbanner!

    Another treasure from western Kansas.

  4. Very intriging blog – I’ll be visiting again!
    Blessings, Joyce

  5. I love this piece! I can remember when my eyes were first opened and I could see,God is Awesome!!
    There have been many times God has used my art to teach me things about myself and about Him…He is faithful.

    I’m glad the article was helpful, Lord willing there will be many more. If you need any help concerning selling online, please ask I’d be happy to answer questions.


  6. Hi there. Very nice work. Yes, I understand about the spiritual blindness. God is so good to open our eyes. It’s like a cataract surgery, but the healing is slow–you know–progressive revelation!

    I’m so slow to learn. Here a little, there a little.

    I’m so glad God put you in my life!

  7. I have always loved the song Amazing Grace. I love it more since seeing the movie Amazing Grace about the life of William Wilberforce.

    Your page reminds me of the movie Corpse Bride. Have you seen it? In it Tim Burton has the real world all dark and black and white, while the world of the dead is colorful. But, Tim Burton got in wrong ~ you have corrected the error. Being alive in Christ is what brings color!

    I like both of those movies. Love the imagery in Corpse Bride.

  8. I am always inspired at how you process your journey through art and creativity. I am on week #4 of The Artist Way. I bought it used of Amazon for a few bucks and am so glad I did. I will post more on it tomorrow but until then, I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a 6 word meme.
    Have a good day!

    What a fun meme. I’ll be pondering this evening.
    And isn’t the Artist’s Way fabulous? I’m loving it.

  9. Very bisual artwork to discribe ‘believe’ thankyou for the reminder of the passage and what it means to us! How things are seen so differently when we are converted! Praise God

  10. In response to your comment about the hummingbird…

    Wow…frozen to the sidewalk? Poor thing. What did you do to thaw him out?
    This little guy just sat there like ok, ok, this guy is going to save me. He was just looking around and very calm.
    Adorable! Thank God for husbands…I would not have known what to do. Probably would have hurt him trying to catch him.

  11. Oh WOW! Amanda this is a Wonderful piece,
    You’ve captured the meaning of the verse Perfectly!
    it’s always a blessing to see how God uses your hands to create Art that brings Him Glory 🙂

  12. I, too was once blind and now see the world so differently through my new spiritual eyes, praises to God! Thank you for sharing your soul through your artwork!
    Creatively Yours, Laura

  13. Hi Amanda-
    I really like your style, and the way you convey your message. I am just beginning to bring my work into the public internet forum. thank you for sharing!

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