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Being still

My pastor has a great post which has made my mind wander to a sound. This sound made such an impact on me that I feel peace even now while revisiting the moment in my mind.

The kids and I had visited Powell Gardens and the Tremendous Treehouse display in September 2005. What a gorgeous day! It was a day of escape, a blissful day. The kids were best friends, letting their imaginations run free, uninhibited. I was soaking up the sun on a bench at Powell Gardens while the children played in the tree cocoon. I was still.

This was also a day of healing for me. I had an emotional week. My husband had been out of town and I really felt God breaking down my pride, breaking me to make me more useful to Him.

Then I heard it, the windmill from my grandma’s farm. Immediately I could taste the cold water served from the communal coffee can at the well. I chased the guineas and the chickens in the dusty Kansas yard. I touched the piles of fabric in grandma’s sewing room, ran my hand over her sewing machine. I smelled boiling potatoes and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen. I felt my grandma’s hug and breathed her smell in deep. She smelled like the sun.

All this from a sound of a metal sculpture nearby that turned in the wind.

God gave me that moment. It was what I needed that day. I could not have received it had I not stopped, been still. Thank you, Lord.

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  1. I think your daughter, the poet, got her love of words from her mother. You have painted a picture with your words!

    I have thought about senses a lot lately. What I have been trying to capture with my ideas is how much ancient Jerusalem and to a great extent the Catholic and Orthodox church’s have a worship environment that engages all the senses. The smell of incense, the art, the music, the taste of communion… every one of the senses are impacted in worship.

    I want my child’s senses to be filled with precious memories of a Christ-centered home ~ uh, and not spend a lot of money or send my husband into an asthmatic crisis.

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