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Beeswax infused birthday

I believe there is no better way to celebrate life than by doing what one loves the best. That is why I chose to teach a class that incorporated both beeswax and soldering on my birthday.

Beeswax Infused Soldered Pendant Beeswax Infused Soldered Earrings
After infusing vintage ephemera with beeswax, pendants and earring were soldered, encapsulating the wax and paper. The process yields a transparent glow to the paper when held up to the light. Yummy!

After some intense playtime, some beautiful jewelry was created, and in the background, the smell of beeswax filled the air.

I think everything turned out scrumptious, including the birthday cupcakes made by Chef Dotter.

White cake with lavender infused strawberry buttercream

My only regret from yesterday is that I didn’t get a picture of my dear friend, Wendy. She is the ultimate artist friend, always stretching me with new ideas and a desire to learn more. She was so kind to take photos yesterday.



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