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Been waitin'

As my son says, “I can’t wait ’til soon.” Well, soon arrived today.

This began:
 I’ve been painting backgrounds in preparation. I’m trying out a Moleskine sketch book as an art journal, and so far just love the way the pages feel and behave as I prepare them.

My husband is away making money so I can buy art supplies. My daughter is at our church’s high school camp. That leaves me with some very groovy time with my son.  We are having Heroscape wars all week:

Today we also bought a few chocolate bars to nibble on all week. My very cool son also surprised me with a box of Junior Mints. And then as we shared a delicious frozen pizza for dinner, he lit a candle so we could watch Star Trek by candlelight. Aaaahhh.

Well, he has allowed me some creative time. I’ve been trying to take photos of some rings I soldered yesterday. Alas, I am just not satisfied and will try again tomorrow in different light. I’ll be posting a new ring each day this week on my etsy shop. But now I must go whip his tail as we battle it out on the Heroscape landscape. Okay, I’m just hoping to survive until tomorrow.

amanda ∞


5 Comments on “Been waitin'”

  1. I can see my future…We will progress from “hole people”, Sweet Street, and Groovy Girls to Heroscape. Have fun!

  2. Hey!

    I sort of lost touch with you and then I see that you are taking the Artistic Alchemy class. Cool! I just spent a minute or two perusing your blog, catching up. You are creating incredible stuff. I wish there was a local Artists Way group here; that would be so much fun.

    I am at the beach with limited art supplies. We will see how this week goes for art journaling.

    I think this workshop will be great fun. I’m already creating more each day because of it. The challenge of having limited art supplies goes right along with the first assignment. You’re one step ahead of the game. 🙂
    It’s really good to reconnect.

  3. Wow! I am envious. A whole week of Heroscape with your son! I really miss those days. Enjoy.

    He’s wallopin’ me. 🙂

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