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Balancing Essentials and Heart Pursuits

Lately we’ve been struggling with keeping one of our kids from getting behind with assignments. It seems that no matter the approach we take, our student falls behind. It always seems to be the same subject that gets left behind, so I’m sure there is some procrastination involved, but I also know the heart of this child and this problem is adding great, unneeded stress. This is not a good thing.As my children grow and mature, their interests and gifts become more obvious in all they do. What a balancing act to teach them all the essentials, yet inspire them to explore their gifts with creative freedom. Many days I would love to through out all the “essentials” and just allow the kids complete freedom, but I know human nature. We would all get busy doing things that are not so important and forget to pursue the things that we never had time for before. And I cannot forget how God has used the “essentials” to give me lesson after lesson about Himself (yes, God can even be found in a grammar lesson).

So how do I find this balance between my children completing their unwanted assignments, and having the time to explore their heart interests? I am once again reminded to pray. That is so key to homeschooling. We get into such a routine that I forget to pray until things are no longer going smoothly. Perhaps God is reminding me to pray more for my children, to seek even more diligently the direction He has planned for their lives, to seek the answers to our homeschooling glitches. Sadly, I would seldom get on my knees in fervent prayer if my life ran how I envisioned. I am so grateful that my God reminds me that our relationship is two-sided. He wants me to pursue Him in all things as much as I want Him to pursue me. Actually, He desires me even more.

Thank you, Lord.

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