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Balance in Dress

 I’ve noticed that my wardrobe is slowly changing. My shorts are getting longer and I am careful how “fitted” my shirts are. God is making me more modest, or am aware that I am aging, maybe both. Anyway, I think it is a good thing.

I know that some Christians believe that proper dress for a woman is a skirt, the longer the better. And on the other end of the spectrum, some Christian women do not seem aware that they are exposing more than they should.

I am in the middle. I love feminine dress, but I do not feel I have to wear a skirt to be feminine.

Shortly after my husband and I dedicated our lives to Christ, I had a difficult time figuring out what to wear. When I shopped, I chose conservative clothing because I thought it appeared more “Christian.” I never felt comfortable in them though.

Then I turned back to my old ways of dress with a longer hemline and a higher neckline added. My husband was overjoyed. Through his comments, he let me know that he was sad that Christianity was allowing me to lose my spark in creativity which I often showed through dress.

Through this experience I have learned not to judge others by how they dress. We are all in a different place in our walk with Christ. God will change the heart of every believer to express His creativity within each of us.

But judging is not the same as guiding. I am now an “older woman” to many young believers. When I see a Christian woman wearing something completely inappropriate that would lead the eyes of men astray, I feel compelled to let her know. To keep my tongue from getting out of hand, I wait for the prompting of the Holy Spirit before I speak, and have found that unless I already have a relationship with this woman, the Spirit says quiet.

Have you all had experience with this?

How have you handled the situation?

Do you find yourself becoming more modest as you walk with God?

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