Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious


Doing some major experimentation in the studio today. Everything is seemingly going wrong which can only mean I’m on the cusp.


I love the bad days as much as the good. These bad days often produce some of my best work, if not directly, indirectly.


Lately, I’ve been kind of in love with making ugly, ugly paintings.┬áThese little snippets here are just the ground work of smears and mistakes and ugly.


I have no doubt these will morph into something that makes my adrenalin rush, my heart beat faster.


But today, even with the heat on in the studio, my feet got really, really cold, so I stopped at the beginnings of bad. It’s so stinkin’ cold out, in the teens, and snowing.

Time to go fold some paper in my warm home. That will make my toes happy.

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