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Art Journal Randomness

I’ve been enjoying the new art studio. Some of these pages were done there, some in a coffee shop. Tonight I had the thrill of spilling a bottle of blue ink all over the journal, but besides the immediate freak out in trying to keep it from running further, I’ve accepted the incident as one that “adds character” to the journal. It’s another story behind every layer.

Yesterday I was reminded why I told myself never to have another garage sale. Our neighborhood has a garage sale date each year, so at the last minute we cleaned out the basement joined the neighborhood, putting things out for sale. I made about $3.50 per hour. 🙁 Good did come of it. I met a very cool neighbor that lives just a few houses down the street, and we did get the basement cleaned out. All that was left was loaded in my van ready to be donated to the local thrift shop. My storage area in the basement looks quite tidy. Yeah!

amanda ∞

11 Comments on “Art Journal Randomness”

  1. I love your journal pages, they are so creative. I could just sit and look at them for hours. I’m sorry the sale didn’t go better. Happy Anniversary.

    Thanks, Sandy. That is very encouraging. 🙂

  2. I do the exact same thing with garage sales! :o) I end up having one about every 7 to 10 years and promise myself never again! Congratulations on your anniversary! So much to be thankful for… I love your creativity. It is inspiring!

    Maybe this will be the LAST garage sale. If I hear of you preparing for one, I’ll be sure to remind you.

  3. Lovely post…I used to be an art / visual journal fan, even tried making my own journals by binding them myself…now I’m a blog addict, doing things electronically instead. They’re just different ways to express myself. Have added you to my blogroll.

    And blogging is what led me to my art/visual journal side. 🙂

  4. I never make much money either, but I like you, get stuff cleaned out.
    And that is worth it.
    Love all you art pages..They are beautiful. Like you.
    Sending you love, Nita

    Thanks, darlin’. 🙂

  5. You know what? I’ve never had a garage sale. I’d probably average about 1.50 an hour the way I go. Your pages look like so much fun–I can just taste the creativity–!
    You’re definitely using your God-given talent.
    Maybe I’ll be sharing something soon.

    I hope you do share soon. I wonder if the colors that make me think of you will be the ones you choose to use. 🙂
    And don’t ever have a garage sale. Keep that record going.

  6. oh i’m so glad your having fun in the studio…. that is just awsome…. i keep rearranging my little corner hopeing for somthing i like but i think i would like my own room… thats the next goal on my list!
    and i am taking stuff to our local donation spot all the time i think…. i never knew we had so much stuff we’re not using…. 🙂
    sorry you mised me…. i just didnt have a camara to use

  7. The journalling does look fun. $3.50 per hour, hunh. No tips either. I guess you just got paid slave wages to clean the basement!

    Well, those wages didn’t include the time it took to get the stuff OUT of the basement. Slave labor is right. 🙂

  8. Amanda, have thought about joining our photo challenge? It is really fun. Donn has more info on her site.
    Thank you for the compliment on my story.
    Sending you love dear girl, Nita

  9. I love your journal pages. I especially love the last one and the tribute to your husband. I guess that is what we all want ~ passion after 20 years!

    I will have to tell Marissa about chocolate and vanilla. She is vanilla and thinks another vanilla is just what she needs ~ God may have other plans for her.

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