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Art Journal Class

This past Saturday was art journaling extravaganza. I taught an art journaling class to the coolest crew of gals. They were cranking out the journal pages. I was thrilled to see all they were accomplishing, and not a one worrying about making things perfect. Love it!

The focus of the class was to teach making backgrounds for journal pages, and viewing daily objects differently, by shape, color, texture, making almost everything game to be added to the journal. We used acrylic paints, vintage ephemera, magazines, staples, tape, even bullet canisters (they make these great dotty shapes). My greatest desire in teaching art journaling is that a freedom is felt in creating. There is no set formula that makes a page good or bad. Color and shape combinations that are put together intuitively can bring surprisingly refreshing results. We also tried out the new Tulip Graffiti Paint Cannon for some stencilry. Although the paint cannon satisfies that urge to stencil during the coldest part of winter, it really makes me miss spray paint.

This will be my last class taught from my home for a season. I need a bit of rest. One thing that teaching has taught me is huge amount of work and preparation that goes into putting together and teaching classes. The great respect for my own teachers has vastly multiplied.

But I’m still offering to bring a class to the student. Occasionally a group of friends likes to get together in their own comfort zone, so I pack up all the supplies and bring them on location. Currently I’m offering two basic classes. Check out my CLASSES page.

Outside of teaching, I’m currently working on an album cover, and preparing for Artfest coming up in March. Yes, I am so ready.  The classes I’ll be taking are Encaustic Play taught by Patricia Seggebruch, 3″x3″ Portraits by Misty Mawn, and Drawing+Collage by Carla Sonheim. I am sponge.

Oh, and I added a new contact page on this blog. Just click CONTACT on the top menu bar. Voila. Now you can reach me more easily. I am particularly excited about this new way to contact me because contact feature is Spam Free. I had tried a contact  feature in the past that was attacked by spam bots, not to mention the loads of comment spam I’ve been dealing with lately. WP-Spam Free, will you be my Valentine?

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  1. Ack! When I was considering changing classes, I almost changed to the Sonheim class. Now I wish I had so I could have a class with you! Oh well. I’m excited for her book to come out this summer and already have it on my Amazon list.

    I know what you mean about getting everything all together for teaching and how it can be exhausting. And, quite honestly, I’m not thinking about my day job when I said that. I feel the same when I teach my Creative Writing class Tuesday nights (which is tonight) and I start thinking about everything that I need for class. I hope you keep teaching what you love!

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