Art Every Day Month 2011

November has arrived, and so has Art Every Day Month created by Leah Piken Kolidas. This is my fourth year participating, and as usual, I approach AEDM with both eager anticipation and hesitation. While I look forward to the challenge of creating art every day, I also know that with November comes the grey skies and gloomy weather that I associate with Seasonal Affective Disorder. These past few years, the SAD symptoms have been subsiding as I take proactive steps with my diet and self care. Even so, I do allow myself grace for this challenge.

Encaustic pollen
Pollen Explosion: encaustic excavation

I tend to paint in the evening when the photographic light is harsh by flash, so I’ve decided to post a day behind with my art. The above piece I painted a couple weeks ago. The concept was inspired by some beautiful photos of microscopic pollen and a technique taught in the online course, Hot Wax, taught by Judy Wise (which is beyond fabulous). I’m sure much of my art will be encaustic experimentation as AEDM and Hot Wax overlap. I am hopeful that AEDM creates the habit I’ve been wanting to develop, daily studio time.

3 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month 2011

  1. Julie says:

    I am glad you are creating your way through SAD! My depression is more situational than seasonal. I have a tendency to give into it. :o(

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