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Art Every Day #9 – Origami Star

I love origami, but have a difficult time understanding the written instructions. Pictures are a must for me.

On a lighter note, flag football season is over for my kids. The most memorable play of the season was when a guy had his shorts torn off. Someone was reaching for the flag and grabbed his tear away shorts as well. Good for him that his football jersey was long. Everyone learned a great lesson that day. Do not wear tear away shorts when playing flag football.

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  1. this is so neat! you are talented, i don’t know if i would have the poatience to learn to do this. xoxo nita<3

    My mind loves puzzles. Origami is like a puzzle to me. Keeps me entertained for hours.

  2. Nice work! I did origami a long time ago and keep wanting to pick it up again to share with my daughter. It does produce some interesting art.

    We’ve decided to decorate with origami for Christmas. I found some great suppliers online and have picked some tradition colors to make more stars. Just waiting for the package to arrive.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your great words of wisdom. I need to rent that movie! I’ve really enjoyed your blog this morning. Love the star! I’ll be back soon! XoxoxoxX

  4. I haven’t done much for origami, but we had some Japanese exchange students do a presentation at one of our meetings, and showed my kids how to do the swans, so they make them fairly regularly.

    My kids like the swans too. Now I have them hooked on the stars. Our future looks bright.

  5. I am so glad someone else has trouble with written instructions! I am like you. I have to have pictures or someone physically show me how to do it. I just finished teaching a co-op class on Japan, and we did origami each week. I had to learn from a book, so it was tons of trial and error and crumpled up paper.
    P.S. Come join me on the adirondacks anytime. 🙂

    We found a great book, Origami 123, which has okay written instruction, but great pictures. Yeah!

  6. I would love to make some of these! Do you have any instructions?

    I have been awfully neglectful of your blog lately, and just wanted to drop by with a hello and a prayer. God bless you today!

    AR xx

    I used the instructions from the book, Origami 123. This is one of my favorite origami books, although I still need to use the pictures most of the time, rather than the words.
    Have fun!

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