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Art Every Day #5 – I am the Canvas

Today’s art is me:

I started with a base coat of gesso loose powder. My canvas seems to be extremely oily.

Next I apply my first layer, accenting the natural Swedish contour of the canvas.

Did I apply an even, concentric coat? Yes.

The next layer adds depth and subtle highlights.

Layer upon layer, it’s all good.

My dad always wanted me to stay inside the lines. I’m still practicing.

Now for another layer, this time adding kissability to the canvas.

Now to add some detail work to draw the eye closer.

And the finished product…

I don’t wear very much makeup, nor do I wear it every day. Much like my wardrobe, I dress as the day presents itself. Makeup goes on according to my mood. It has always been a creative expression and never a necessity. I never wear a base coat (I can’t even think of what it is called, you know, the base layer of makeup) because I think that God has added subtle shading that I don’t want to cover up, just enhance. As I age, the subtlety becomes more evident. I am pleased to watch the outside change. I look forward to becoming an aged beauty with wrinkles galore. I also plan on having a distinct twinkle in my eye, and perhaps some super shiny lipgloss.

amanda ∞

I must add that I did take all the pictures myself. It was quite fun. I was inspired by my friend, Amy at In Pursuit of Proverbs 31.

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  1. make-up application is definitely an art!!

    I was puttin’ some on the other day and it struck me how similar my eyeshadow application was to painting.

  2. You look just gorgeous! Love your make-up style – glad you kept within the lines!

    Haha. Now I’m thinking of the old movie, Airplane. Specifically the lady trying to apply her makeup amongst turmoil. She definitely did not keep within the lines. 🙂

  3. Oh, I will have to share this post with Marissa. She loves make-up art.:D

    You are beautiful; it is the distinct twinkle in your eye that I like the best!

    When I was young I wore makeup every day. Then when I was 22, I began my nursing career with 4 years of night shift. My patients were asleep. I was sitting behind a desk watching heart monitors. Most of the lights were dim. Nope… just couldn’t bring myself to do makeup. Now when I put it on, I think I look weird.

  4. Amanda, We are so much alike, I think. I actually embrace the changes going on instead of trying to stop them. I am on the far side of my 30’s and I can see the subtle changes happening. I imagine gracefully and gloriously growing older into a softened and sparkly eyed woman. You are beautiful Amanda, just like God made you. Blessings, Tami

    I’m on the far side of my 30’s too. So far that I hit the 30 with the 9 on the end. 🙂

  5. Amanda,

    I came back to show Marissa your makeup blog entry. Marissa thinks you have pretty eyes too ~ Your eyes are the same color as my dear Dad’s were.

    You’ll have to tell Marissa that the first time I saw a picture of her, I thought she was beautiful. Still do.
    I hope the color of my eyes brought you many fond memories of your dad. Amazing how little details can bring things flooding back.

  6. Well… hello beautiful lady!!

    I have to agree with everyone here. You have amazing eyes and I will add that you have beautiful full lips. I mean, I am nearly missing a top lip! ;o)

    You look radiant and confident! Great post!

  7. I really enjoyed this piece… sparkling eyes and all.

    Me? Lipstick is the only thing I know how to do, but I’m perfectly okay with it. Maybe someday I’ll take on the art…

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