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Art Every Day #2 – Creation

The trees on my nature hike really had an impact. I’ve been wanting to complete the Creation theme for the Salt challenge a couple weeks ago. Today was the day as I completed my art for the day.

The book print is actually a cut-out of an extremely old Bible that no longer has a binding. It is Psalm 19. The written words are expressions of my time on the hike a couple days ago:

I feel God’s presence so strongly when surrounded by His beautiful creation. I breathe Him in. I smell Him in the dead leaves scattered on the forest floor. I am in awe of Him as I stand so small near His boulders. I am delighted at the mazes and hidden places to be found upon careful search. He beckons me to play, to laugh, to run. The stillness is deafening. The quietness allows me to hear another voice. The voice tells me, “I have created this all for your enjoyment. Soak in the colors, absorb their beauty, feel the textures of originality. I make things to grow to spark your imagination. I share my beauty with you. I am in love with you.” I love these whispers. They refresh me to my bones. I am His and He is mine.

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  1. Amanda,

    I really enjoy this page. I love the antiqued, gold background. I looked up the whold text of Psalm 19 and drank from it.

    It is easy for me to glory in nature. The writer didn’t stop there… he went on to glory in God’s revelation, His word (and for me the Word made flesh). Your journaled thoughts are such a great reflection, because while you are enjoying nature, you aren’t making nature the focus; the focus is clearly God. You sound just like the writer of Psalm 19!

    Thank you so much, Julie. I absolutely love Psalm 19 too. It deeply stirs my soul.

  2. Amanda, I have chills from reading your words….just beautiful and full of so much truth. Your creation page is just gorgeous. You get me inspired to work on mine. Alas,I am taking a break from working on my journal for the next 2 weeks. Three of our kiddos all have birthdays over the next couple weeks. I am a busy lady making gifts. Blessings to you and your family, Tami

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Tami. I am just as inspired by your journal.
    Enjoy your time focused on your family. I’m sure the art journal will be beckoning once the celebrations are complete. You’ll have to display the gifts you’re making after they’ve been opened. 🙂

  3. Very Beautiful. I see the trees are a theme for you right now. Love it!

    Looking back, trees seem to be a recurring theme. They are just seem so wise.

  4. This is a lovely post and the journal page supports it beautifully! I love how you have found God and his love to exist, to radiate out of all his living creation! I often think of Jesus as he went off to the wilderness on his own to ‘be with his Father.’ I wonder if this is what he meant? It sure works for me. Blessings!

  5. Amanda, I am so drawn to trees- all kinds of trees, especially lonely ones, but I never seem to have success sketching them:(

    Your work is amazing. I love the deep colors and shades.

    Your words are beautiful.

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