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Art Every Day #8 – I'll Fly Away

The topic of my hymnal page is deep. The girl behind bars is my sister in Christ. I first met her in my neighborhood about a year ago. She is not only jailed physically right now, she has been imprisoned emotionally and spiritually her whole life. I desire for her to be free. She is healing now, but I look with hope upon that day when she will be totally free of the bondage.

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Update on my friend, Yolanda

I pray that when you see an undesirable person that you look not on their outward appearance or behavior, but look beneath. Most often there is a person who has been physically or emotionally abused or abandoned. There is a little child inside who desperately wants love, but doesn’t know what it looks like anymore.

This woman has taken up residence in our neighborhood park. How would you react?

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 This hymnal page is not only in response to my heart, but is also a part of the latest Salt challenge, From the Hymnbook. Somehow, when I was completing this page, the challenge seemed so insignificant. My heart is sad.

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  1. oh love your new hymn page…. you know God keeps bringing mentally ill people into my life.. maybe because my bro. is schizophrenic… but i pray for them everytime i meet somone like that…ok so i was wrong about the isaiah verses… there are about peace… but maybe they actually go with what you wrote about today… they are ones you can read and think about when you pray for your friend yolanda… ok so isaiah 50:4 is really good, isaiah 26:3 is really good, and this is one 1john4:4 you probably already know… i did this study a long time ago and it was all in isaiah.. i think i will do it again:) sorry this was long!

  2. Wow Amanda. Your art and your words are really prophetic. I thank God for the difference you are making to Yolanda’s life. And I thank God for the difference Yolanda is making to your life

  3. God has blessed you with such deep compassion. Thank you for sharing this with us. May He bless you in your ministry.

  4. i think to many people look at the outward appearance. they judge others because it takes the focus off of them. to me jesus said whatever you have done to the least of these you have done to me. he wants us to reach out to those in need. maybe that will help take the focus off ourselves so much. i loved this post dear amanda. i really liked the part about how their is a little child in each person who desperately needs to be loved. so true. xoxo nita

  5. Once a person talks to and gets to know some of the folks on the street they are struck by how different, but yet how similar they are to themselves. Many are educated, and had lives from before that somehow went terribly wrong. I have humbly realized that I am only several small steps from hopelessness and homelessness. It can happen quickly and unexpectedly to those who would say, “Never would it happen to me.” I once said those words and God took me there so that I could have compassion for others. If I look at people from a place of humility, it makes it easier not to judge them, but to love them.

  6. Thank you, Amanda, for your touching post – and the challenge of it too – may our Lord give us all more of His compassion.

  7. Beautiful page Amanda and thoughts to complement the layout.

    I can sympathize with your thoughts on some of the folks you mention. Years ago and bunch of us used to feed homeless folks in NY. We met some amazing folks, some who had no interest in being helped, and some who sucked up all we had to say and offer for the physical and spiritual parts of their bodies. It was a huge blessing and I’m thankful the Lord allowed me to be a part of that experience…It definitely helped me to have a different outlook on the homeless.

    Experiences like those do change a person forever. They are priceless.

  8. Between this and the I Am A Stranger post, a very profound and moving story forms. You are a true friend to the Stranger.

    We might not connect well with people, or fit in the crowd, we might be a little odd, but as long as we show hope to other pilgrims in this world, especially the unwanted ones, we should be full. Filled to the brim.

    Phil 1:3-6

    Okay, your Scripture choice just made me cry.

  9. Amanda,

    You know I look at the world through FASD colored glasses. Research has shown that only about 18% of adults with FASD are capable of living independently. Yet, because most individuals with FASD have low-normal IQ’s they will not qualify for services. It they have never been diagnosed, no one will suspect that they have brain damage and will assume that they “choose” their lifestyle.

    Your artwork is beautiful. Yolanda has been in my prayers since we were both blogging on HSB.

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