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Art Every Day #15-30

I submit a blank page. Although I thought the art every day month challenge would encourage me to develop good habits, the opposite is happening. I am losing my focus. To regain this focus on my family and the season in which I am now living, I am going to step away from my computer (which seemingly sucked me into a black vortex). While I’ll still be blogging, it will be only when I truly feel prompted to blog. Lesson learned.

Much love to you all,

amanda ∞

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  1. Amanda,

    I don’t think that your page is blank at all… Living well, prioritizing and realizing what is productive and meaningful is an ART! There is no science to it. Everyone’s life paints a different picture ~

  2. Amanda, I think you are an amazing and awesome lady. Have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to all of your wonderful writings and art, as time allows. Love, Tami

  3. Amanda’s art today is chicken chowder. I awoke to a wonderful smell. Last night her art was finding the perfect sweater for a used skirt she found in New Mexico. I enjoyed that art show as well. I like her a lot.
    I am her lucky husband…

  4. teehee! what a great husband! see, art is in all sorts of things and cooking is definitely one of them. perhaps broadening your idea of what art is will make it more fun? either way, sending some hugs your way!

  5. Obviously, Amanda, you and I are traveling together. I didn’t think producing art had become a burden, I thought it was just the posting everyday but even the stress of producing art had built up. I have had a much more relaxed week and needed it to concentrate on some decisions we need to make. Now, I sit at my table and am ready to do something again.
    my blog is A Life Profound and I don’t feel comfortable posting just to be posting … it must have meaning. I have always felt that way. According to all “blogging” rules, that is a not a good way to blog. Whatever. I am not doing this for anyone else but for me and the faithful readers I have met along the way are just all the more precious to me. I would rather have a few intimate friends reading along than 2000 hits a day.

    Love and peace to you.

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