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Art Every Day #13 – Bun Head

I always wanted to be a dancer. My body was made for other things, things that require thick, short legs.

amanda ∞

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  1. Amanda, love the painting. I messed around with some watercolor pencils in my journal yesterday. It is quite pleasing. Blessings to you. Love, Tami

    I do hope to get a peek of more of your journal soon! Such a busy time of year though, eh?

  2. great blog! I will be back. I am wanting to do an altered book. 🙂

    Altered books are soooo fun. There are so much great instruction and inspiration out here in blogland too.

  3. My body was made for other things too… but, I still dance if I am alone and no one is looking. 😉

    On the inside, I dance as beautifully as a professional ballerina. I’ve never asked for an outside opinion.
    And then I have a pair of shoes that sounds so good on my hard wood floor, so I fake the Pasa Doble.

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