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Art Every Day #1 – Tree Sketch

Yesterday we saw a grouping of trees that took our breath away. This is my attempt to capture one of them. I am slowly learning to sketch. What I had to remove first was the thought that I can’t sketch. I can, but am just learning. That still sounds like an excuse, doesn’t it?

amanda ∞

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  1. ok, trying again.
    if this duplicates, forgive me.

    Beautiful! I love to draw trees but haven’t done so in a while. It will have to be one of my challenges for Art Everyday.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, y’all. I just figured out my problem with sketching. I know what the ‘real’ object looks like, and I compare too critically. I am going to view my sketching as ‘inspired by’ rather than ‘duplicating’ the subject.
    Thank you for your voices.

  3. “Inspired by” I *like* that phrase! Your tree is beautiful and I’m inspired by your trying. Actually, your blog has inspired me beyond just sketching and I am enjoying myslef so much. Thank you!

  4. oh my gosh amanda,
    I would never be able to “sketch” something that beautiful! 🙂
    I am so doing art insted of music in grade 10

    Music is art. I find them inseparable. Do what you love.

  5. Agh… its ok could use more detail though and contrast

    My response:
    Glad you commented, Joe.
    Just to clarify, this wasn’t posted to teach others how to draw, but is rather a chronicle of me learning as I go. I am self taught and have very little experience, so you telling me what is lacking doesn’t help much. Telling me how to accomplish what is lacking would be of better help.

  6. Hi. Can you post all your tree pictures? I can suggest something you can do with your trees or twigs for your ladies. I used a twig with bare branches and taught the children poetry after which they wrote some poems on pretty coloured shaped hard pieces of paper eg butterfly neon coloured bookmarks, leaf-shaped ones etc. Gave them some coloured strings and at the end of the workshop, they decorated the tree. It was a lovely effect as they saw the transformation of a lonely dying tree into a new living one. Take care and God bless the work of your hand.
    Ai Boon

  7. Oh, thank you, Ai Boon. I love this suggestion and I’ll be teaching my wonderful ladies this Friday. What a beautiful picture and lesson that comes from this project.


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