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Are you a piler or a stuffer?

I have had a basket that needed purged. We call it the up-down basket. It sits near the stairs with a purpose. It is to save steps and time when putting things away. Instead of running item after item up the stairs, the items are placed in the basket and at the end of the day, or cleaning period, the items are taken upstairs and put away. Well, the basket doesn’t seem to get emptied on a timely basis, probably because I’m the one who usually empties it.

The basket had been full of a couple binders among other things. Those binders, those nasty binders, kept me from emptying the basket because I had to take care of what was in the binders. So that was my purging job for the day. The binders were cleaned out, updated, and then I was able to properly store them. (I actually got to pass one on to someone else!)

These little things like cleaning out or updating info are prone to procrastination in my home. Yet, these little things are the very things that really drag me down. Procrastination is just sinful. Yes, prioritizing is very important. Sometimes things happen in our lives that take priority over these little maintenance issues, but if I procrastinate on a day to day basis, the payback is quite dreadful. (Insert whiny voice) I get so overwhelmed with all I have to do. I just hate it. I feel like I’ll never get caught up. (How funny. I’m slouching just typing this.)

To hinder my procrastination, I pile. My thought process is if it is sitting out in a pile on the desk, I will have to take care of it. If I put it out of sight, then I’ll just ignore it longer. My husband stuffs. If he has papers, they get shoved out of sight somewhere. He knows where they are. Why is it that pilers often marry stuffers? Anyway, my piles are not really appreciated by my stuffer. He would rather the desk be all neat and tidy. I would rather be reminded I have work to get done. What a dilemna. Thankfully I am married to a gracious man, and only when he has a heavy load do my piles really get on his nerves. At that time, I quietly stuff my piles into one out-of-the-way pile which I will get back out and deal with after he is gone.

So lesson is, if I do not want to annoy my husband, and if I do not want to feel overwhelmed, I should not procrastinate (which means seldom have any piles at all, and my basket will be empty). I will have a load lifted off my shoulders because there will be nothing to dread, and my husband will think I’m just that much cooler than he already does. That’s good incentive. I like to make him happy. He’s cute.

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  1. Oh, that made me laugh! “why is it that pilers often marry stuffers?” I am still laughing. 🙂 I will be posting more soon on my ‘purging’.

  2. We have two stair step baskets; one at the top of our basement stairs and one at the bottom. They are generally always full. I can’t tell you how often I walk past those full baskets and just leave them where they are.

    I am definitely a piler who stuffs her piles when they get too big to stay in a neat pile!

  3. Hi, I came over from Art4Life. I have written a few posts on organizing, and I have one on today, that I got from Kim at Art4Life. I procrastinate too, especially when it comes to paperwork. I write the cheques for the bills, but the filing and sorting go to another time. I end up piling, then I stuff, and it takes months to find the couple of hours to get through it. I home school also, and we are at the point of a lot of driving and not always being home.

    Come visit my blog. If you comment, I always come back (which maybe you think is creepy, because that sounded a little creepy, but you blog, so I am guessing you know what I mean).

  4. NOOOOOOO! This sounds entirely too much like my home!


    I have to laugh. I can sooooo relate.

    I guess the “bin” idea for stuff to travel to another floor isn’t such a good idea for me after all.


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