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Another bedtime kitty

The little known horse kitty, Art Every Day Month – Day 11, once again drawn in bed just moments before I fell sound asleep. I’m rather fond of him. He makes me giggle.

kitty 4

Today for AEDM Day 12, a friend and I leafed through some very interesting ephemera. Both of us are fortunate to have a huge stash that has been passed down in our families.
EphemeraMore ephemera
After pulling our favorite pages, we then cut them to fit into our Remains of the Day journals. The next step will be to sew some pages together and then create signatures. I cannot wait to sew paper. And I also have an urge to go thread shopping. Giddy.

Tomorrow is a happy day. We are getting a much faster internet connection. Until then, my internet sporadically runs between adequate and slow. Right now it would be slow. Don’t have the energy to fight. Going to read a good book. Good night, moon.

amanda ∞

3 Comments on “Another bedtime kitty”

  1. I *heart* your horse-kitty!

    You’re doing so many lovely things this month. It’s inspiring, my friend! Next month for sure I’m going to play in my studio more.

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