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And then my heart did swoon

I’ve been playing with origami quite a bit lately. Last weekend was the Origami Play class. We made day lilies, lotus blossoms and cranes. And we all had great success!


That Madeline made super tiny cranes and then later did this (her first encaustic painting):


Is that not dreamy? Her first painting!

And I have just continued since then in trying new things, new folds, more challenging folds. Here’s my first modular star, but I cheated. I used tape to secure the units together. Otherwise, it would just pop off each other during assembly.

But I had another plan. The first star was just a test model for my encaustic star. Each of the units were folded, then dipped into a beeswax bath. After the bath, the units easily grabbed each other and held with the tackiness of the wax. Here’s the inside of the star about half completed.


And the star all pieced together. No tape!!


With the beeswax covering the star, it was so easy to add a striking edge to the folds with Pan Pastels.


While I was folding, dipping, piecing, my heart was pounding, adrenalin rushing through my body. I feel I am on the cusp of a brave new land, a discovery. I’ve been incorporating origami into my encaustic paintings for some time. I’ll be teaching a class this weekend (there’s still room), and also at Art Unraveled in Phoenix AZ this July, but there was a shift today, a blooming of sorts. To explore this sculptural encaustic origami thrills me in a way that makes me want to forsake sleep and food…but probably not coffee.

3 Comments on “And then my heart did swoon”

  1. “I feel I am on the cusp…”
    I cannot tell you how many times I have thought and even said those exact words to myself (outloud even!)

    It feels a bit like the feeling on take-off – just as the plane becomes airborn…exhilarating and kinda scary all at the same time!

    Love it!

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