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And the winner

of this Sweet & Chunky pile of ephemera is…
This handsome young man offered to help me draw for the Clean Drawer Giveaway.

The winner is Andrea A. Congratulations, Andrea. Watch for an email from moi. Having a creative son myself, I can really appreciate Andrea’s comment:

I love your ideas for storage. I, too, have struggled with an effective paper ephemera storage solution. Right now I have too many different locations for all of it so that when I want a specific piece I have to check about four different locations before, hopefully, finding it. I am definitely going to try your filing system! I collect ephemera from just about everywhere…from clothing tags to garage sale finds to papers from my childhood that the pack rat in me could never part with! My family thinks I’m crazy for saving everything but my youngest son seems to have “caught” the collecting bug as well, as I often find him saving even product or food packaging and saying, “I know what I’m gonna make out of this!” It warms a collecting mother’s heart! ; )

I hope you enjoy your Sweet & Chunky Ephemera Package, Andrea. I made an effort to find a good cross-section of my stash, a bit of everything. And thank you for easing the bursting seams of my ephemera drawer.

amanda ∞

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  1. Oh! I am soooo excited! Thank you so very much for your generosity! : ) I will pm you with my address.

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