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And the winner is….

In celebration of opening up my new Etsy shop, I held a drawing for the Who’s Your Sister Soldered Pendant with Marble Charm. Today my trusty studio assistant drew the name out of his hat.

And the winner is…Dena. I will be mailing Dena a lovely little package tomorrow.

Etsy ordered packaging

And thanks to all of you who have stopped by my new shop. I am adding several new pieces each week, using original collage and vintage lace. My latest just may be my favorite so far.

Bird at Home - Archer pendant1 Bird at Home - Archer pendant2

I made the collage pieces for this charm last year at Artfest in one of Misty Mawn‘s classes. The bead attached is a mirage mood bead. I used to love mood rings in the 1970s. This little bead changes color according to body heat, and the colors are so vibrant.

With Artfest just over a week away, I’ve been supply shopping and continue to make my teeny, tiny encaustic collage tile for trades.
More teeny encaustic tiles

Making these is a bit addicting.


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