Amanda Hawkins saves the day

Amanda Hawkins is my hero. I made a mistake editing the mysterious inner workings of my blog and really screwed up some very basic functions. I wrestled with my blog for too long before contacting Amanda. She is the fabulous artist that designed this wordpress theme. She responded IMMEDIATELY (even with a new little baby at home) and saved the day! Thanks, Amanda!

For all of you oohing and aahing over my blog design, go check out some of Amanda’s other themes at Bird Themes.  She will also take on your request for web design at Little Bird LLC.

I first ran across Amanda’s fabulous collage art some time back. (Everyday in 2010 happens to include some of my favorites.) And then I was drawn in by her funky planner pages and how-tos.

Recently I ran across another amazing collage artist, actually she ran across me, but I LOVE HER STYLE. For those of you who haven’t already met Katie Drew, check out her blog. More collage love.

And now to what I was going to share before my blog faux pas.

Being resourceful until I restock my supply of Encausticbords, I’ve been revamping some of my least favorites from past experiments.

Garden Path, an 8×8 painting with plaster came from this process. Using an experiment from Artfest 2011, I removed the wax to find plaster underneath. We had used plaster and tar in the class. Taking advantage of this form, I rebuilt. I’m learning when to stop, when enough is enough. Looking at these photos, I actually like the piece at the step before my last fuse.
Redeaux 1Redeaux 2Redeaux 3Redeaux 4Garden Path 8-11-11
Garden Path 8×8 encaustic and plaster

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