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AEDM Day 3 – Creativity

Today I tried something different than usual. I painted with watercolors which I am pretty much clueless how to use. And guess what? It was quite enjoyable. And to top that off, I drew a fish and it actually has a fish shape. Hurray!

Freehand drawing

I don’t draw much, not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I have not disciplined myself to do so. Every time I do, I find great satisfaction, even when my end product may look a little wonky.

The prompt for today’s Attitude of Gratitude had to do with creativity and how I define and express it. Of course I had to add a bit of origami to my page today since I am so absolutely fond.

of course a boat

I am very thankful for creative expression, that I am free to express myself and that I have a desire to be creative in my daily life. One of the things that attracted me to my husband was his creative approach to life. The two of us hand in hand have had great fun in expressing ourselves differently than the status quo. I don’t believe creativity is limited to the arts, but can be found in the tiny details of daily living. This micro expression I refer to as “hidden art”. And as I say on my About page:

Hidden art is not only doing what is thoughtful, resourceful, and inspiring, but also simply being who God created me to be. This too cultivates an environment of joy. He’s hidden a beautiful work within each of us. When we are able to act like our true selves, His art comes to light.

AEDM Day 3

I hope you will all join me tomorrow for Joy Journal Assignment #6 for another dive into creativity.

6 Comments on “AEDM Day 3 – Creativity”

  1. great page for someone who says they don’t draw and are clueless with watercolours…. hope you do a lot more because these are lovely…. glad to have met you through AEDM …xx

  2. What a great page. Your drawing and painting are brilliant made me think of Nemo! Seeing all your journaling makes me think I ought to be doing some. Perhaps I’ll go back and add some to my pages. BJ

  3. Day’s 3 page is great. I’m so glad that you see creativity is something beyond being able to paint or craft activities. For someone who doesn’t draw much I think this is great

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